EuroLifeNet Meetings

  • III EuroLifeNet International Meeting: 13-14 November 2009
    Conference Personal exposure to air pollutants: Research, Policies and Awareness through participatory science and education , at ISCSP-UTL, Lisbon. Co-organized by CITIDEP and IES-JRC. [program ] [conference site] [conference registration]

  • II EuroLifeNet International Meeting: 1-2 June 2007
    At the Auditorium of the Escola Secundária Luis de Camões, Lisbon. Organized by CITIDEP. [program ] [press conference ] [brief news]

  • I EuroLifeNet International Meeting: 12-13 May 2006
    At the Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisbon. Co-organized by CITIDEP and ESE-IPVC. [program ] [photos 1] [photos 2] [videos] [brief news]

  • EuroLifeNet Nodes:17November 2008
    Constitution of EuroLifeNet Node at ESAA, Almada [program ]