• Certificate of training program for teachers: (Acção de Formação Certificada)

    The Conference and aditional training sessions was certified to count as credited formal training for portuguese teachers, who require such credits in their professional careers. Teachers who desire to register for the Conference having in mind to receive this certificate, must pay a fee, as indicated in the registration form. Attending only the Conference does not require any fee. (see [portuguese page] [Informação sobre a Formação] [Plano da Formação].).

    At this moment, we do not have firm information wether such credits and training certificates are eligible for foreign (non-portuguese) use. Feel free to inquire in your country's institutions and let us know. All are welcome in our certification program.

  • Contact: For registration, anne.sophie.peixoto@gmail.com, +351 (21) 361 9436 / +351 96 146 6197; Concerning training program certificate, costaneves.anabeladelourdes@gmail.com, +351 91 429 1851 .